The Surgeon’s Domus

In July 1989, during some work of urban redevelopment in Piazza Ferrari, archaeological materials of considerable interest came to light.

The excavation work, which lasted about ten years, made it possible to identify a large archaeological complex that developed between Roman times and late antiquity whose existence had long been presumed.

In addition to the mosaics, the area had yielded various materials over the centuries: an inscription, stone sculptures and remains of architectural decorations. The complex that was discovered consisted of the so called ''Surgeon's Domus” from the Roman age and a building from Late Antiquity. The ''Domus'' was built during the second half of the 2nd century AD. The building was identified as the home and professional office of an important doctor, a sort of ''Taberna medica domestica'' with spaces reserved for receiving, examining and treating patients, as demonstrated by the considerable surgical, pharmacological and therapeutic tools found.


The finds are exhibited in the City Museum.

Accessible to the disabled.


Sunday is also the day devoted to the guided tour of this miniature Pompeii which rises in the heart of Rimini and which has brought to light the home, with the attached clinic, of the doctor Eutyches, who lived in Ariminum in the third century AD.
The visit, lasting about an hour, allows you to learn the story behind the richest find in the world of medical tools from the Roman Age (info and reservations: 0541.793851

Cost of the visit: €5. For those who want, it is possible to continue the journey through the history of the town by strolling through the rooms of the nearby City Museum which houses the surgical equipment.


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