I Luoghi dell'Anima (Abodes of the Soul)

The museum is spread over seven different venues, five in the historic core of Pennabilli and two in the hamlets of Castello di Bascio and Ca’ Romano.

“Abodes of the Soul” sprang from the fervid imagination of poet and screenwriter Tonino Guerra, and visitors are invariably captivated  by the delicate poetic inventions which animate the various installations. Original in form but universal in content, they are a model of creativeness, embellishing the urban setting and forming a truly unique museum.
It is estimated that about 100.000 people visit “Abodes of the Soul” every year.

Nearly all the installations are out of doors, and are woven around seven themes:

- L'orto dei frutti dimenticati (The Orchard of Forgotten Fruits): home to species of fruit trees now lost.
- La strada delle meridiane (The Street of Sundials): the façades of the houses are embellished with seven different artistic sundials.
- Il giardino pietrificato (The Petrified Garden): situated at the feet of a very ancient tower, it has seven ceramic “carpets” devoted to seven historic personages. 
- L'angelo coi baffi (The Angel with a Moustache): the world’s least crowded and most poetic museum, it houses just one painting.
- Il santuario dei pensieri (The Shrine of Thoughts): seven enigmatic stone sculptures fashioned into abstract shapes, and one bench upon which you can sit and meditate.
- Il rifugio delle madonne abbandonate (The Refuge for Abandoned Madonnas): a collection of sacred images which once adorned wayside shrines at country crossroads. 
- La madonna del rettangolo della neve (Our Lady of the Snow Square): a small church housing a large ceramic artwork created by Muki, a well-known ceramic artist from Faenza.

guided tours for groups upon request - tel. 0541 928578