Territory Museum "L.Ghirotti"

Renewed in the graphics present in the windows, it is even more usable thanks to the Artplace App, the first iBeacon-Ready App for the digitization of Italy’s heritage.

The App can be downloaded free of charge from web stores in both the iOS and Android versions, a QR Code allows users to rapidly download the App free of charge onto their smartphone in the museum. This solution allows the visitor to use his/her smartphone as an audio guide, solving sanitation problems and implementing the level of accessibility for visitors with special needs. Artplace Museum today has 30 museums and archaeological parks on its platform and makes the Museum of the Territory a part of a national network of culture.

It illustrates the most significant bits of evidence relating to Riccione and its surroundings from prehistory
to the Roman age. The human presence is documented in close relationship with the evolution of the territory also through illustrations and enthralling reconstructions of environmental situations. A visit to the Museum is a fascinating journey through geological time.

The skeletal remains of an imposing prehistoric bison, elephants, bears, rhinos, megaceroses that lived in the area thousands of years ago, lead to the sectors devoted to the appearance of man. The Palaeolithic, the first Neolithic permanent settlements and the Metal Age are well documented by objects made of stone, bone, pottery, metal etc. coming from the prehistoric villages of Riccione and the immediate vicinity.

The exhibition itinerary concludes with the conquest and colonization of the territory by the Romans.
It is accessible to the disabled; there is a bookshop and a teaching room. Guided tours can be arranged with
the museum staff.