Torriana Weaving Museum and Workshop

The Museum of Weaving was created in 2007 in Torriana via an evening course regarding artisanal weaving, which today has become a real Museum/Workshop of weaving whose aim is to learn more about the techniques and multiple combinations. It then expanded in 2014 with the creation of a special section on the first floor of the Nature Observatory.

These new premises are set up with ancient looms, reconstructions of tools and films that make it possible for the visitor to get to know and understand the art of weaving in Valmarecchia.

Memories of the constant work of the entire family, which patiently participated in the production of artifacts for daily use and for the accessories of women to be married are preserved there. For a long time, this art was also a real part of the economy of the valley.

The museum, born from an artisanal weaving course, is today a place whose aim is to delve deeper into the techniques and the multiple combinations of this fascinating art that has been practiced since ancient times.

Weaving courses on the loom are periodically organized.

Open on request | Not accessible to people with disabilities.

For information: 0541/629701 | Extension 1| Extension1
For groups and schools, it is always open for guided tours by reservation

It is part of the Network of Museums of the Lower Marecchia Valley Remus.