In the World of Tonino Guerra


This museum presents works by Tonino Guerra, born in Santarcangelo on 16 March 1920, dearly loved in Romagna for his paintings and other works of art, and internationally famous for his poetry and screenplays. He died on 21 March 2012.

Guerra’s creative interests extended to many fields, and over his life he also expressed himself in the arts of ceramics, architectural design, fountains and installations, all of which display his extraordinary and infinite poetic energies.

The museum is housed in the former Monte di Pietà, built in 1630 to accommodate a charitable institution that helped the poor by lending money at moderate interest against pawned objects.

The institution closed in 1934, and the building then became a civil residence, with several internal modifications. After the most recent restoration project, which returned the original structure of the building to view, in 2006 it was inaugurated as an exhibition space.

English spoken.