Palazzi dell'Arte Rimini

New Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rimini.

A prestigious exhibition space is housed in the old medieval buildings in Rimini historic center, the thirteenth-century Palazzo dell'Arengo and the fourteenth-century Palazzo del Podestà, which together with Palazzo Garampi, the Galli Theater and the Pescheria overlook Piazza Cavour, the heart of the city. Within this evocative context, affected by an initial redevelopment intervention, is housed the San Patrignano Foundation Collection, a collection of works donated by successfull contemporary artists of the Italian and international scene. The project is not only a museum of contemporary art, but connects culture, society, territory and people.

In addition to the permanent collection, there is also a space dedicated to temporary exhibitions, which aims to be a reference point for contemporary artists, both Italian and international.

The importance of the place which houses the new museum, together with the artistic value of the works, suggested the idea of putting the contemporary in dialogue with the ancient, essential ground of study and creative inspiration. Hence the decision to reserve the place of honor in the exhibition for an extraordinary work, the fresco of the Last Judgment created by the painters of the Fourteenth-Century Rimini School under the guidance of its most important exponent: Giovanni da Rimini.

The tympanum of the Last Judgment by Giovanni da Rimini will remain for 18 months in the Arengo hall of the Municipality of Rimini, with the aim of giving a new prominence to that bright period in the history of art that is the fourteenth century in Rimini.

The buildings were restored and made fit for purpose by Luca Cipelletti’s AR.CH.IT Studio. Architect and lighting designer Alberto Pasetti Bombardella helped light the collection and surrounding space.
On the rear of the two medieval buildings there is the Sculpture Garden which fades into the museum's exterior. This garden, set up on a project by Luca Cipelletti, creates a path to be experienced both as a museum space and as an Italian garden where you can stop and relax.

As for the entire museum, the works are donated by artists, collectors, gallery owners or benefactors with the obligation to have them on show for 5 years. Today the garden exhibits works by Chen Zhen, Piotr Uklanski, Kiki Smith, Arnaldo Pomodoro, Giuseppe Penone, Paul Kneale and Alberto Garutti, and it can be admired both as an additional part of the museum or just want for a walk in the green (free admission with Green Pass).

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