Piazza Malatesta

The Town Hall building opens onto the center of Piazza Malatesta; in 1895 it replaced part of the older one called "Ripa" which was destroyed.

Valuable pictorial works are kept in the Palazzo del Comune: In the recently-restored council chamber, two large panels are on display of "The Triumph of Galatea" and "Venus and Adonis",  works attributed to Ignazio Stern; two ovals with female figures, “Painting” and “Sculpture” are attributed to the Bologna school of Carlo Cignali (1628 – 1719). The altar frontal made of multi-colored scagliola (1746), the work of a local artist, is also exhibited in the Town Hall. Other interesting historic buildings stand on the square: the eighteenth-century Palazzo Giungi – Morolli, the neoclassical Palazzo Bedetti and not far away, in via dei Martiri, the Palazzo Pecci, characterized by a magnificent colonnade, also in the neoclassical style.