The place of the spirit

Until fairly recently, for most people Rimini meant seaside tourism and seaside tourism alone - it meant sea, sand, sun and entertainment.
Many of those people now know that inland of the coast, sometimes just a few kilometres from the beach, there is a land rich in ancient settlements, history, culture, nature and places of spirituality.
Indeed, there are also numerous places of spirituality where religion - that has created a diffused civilization and is deeply-rooted here - has left behind a varied web of sites that bear witness to this; places where nature in its most genuine form can herald charm and fascination and a desire for prayer and contemplation.
Our journey accompanies visitors to some of the best-known holy sites and those where devotion is most strongly felt in the territories of Rimini and the Montefeltro; cathedrals and monasteries, sanctuaries and oratories, small country churches and tiny votive cells are all places around which popular devotion has led to the organisation of occasions for people to unite and celebrate, eating and drinking together, dancing and having fun. They show the devotion to Mother Earth and its Creator and to all holy men who have been His mouthpiece and witness.