The historic buildings in Poggio Torriana

Astolfi Palace
End of XVIII century. Once called Giliendi Palace it was built at the end of the eighteenth-century from a prelate that has affixed on the walls its archiepiscopal insignias. In the cellars it is still possible to see the previous foundations, probably of medieval epoch, but really interesting are the eighteenth-century façade, courtyard and park. Noteworthy are the frescoes in the internal rooms, the kitchen oven and the nineteenth-century oil-mill.

How to get there: A14 Tollgate "Rimini Nord", direction Santarcangelo. Then continue to Torriana/Poggio Berni up to the hystorical centre of Poggio Berni.

Piazza San Rocco, 11 - tel: (+39) 0541 688080, (+39) 0541 629749 |


Palazzo del Poggiano

Ancient country residence and hunting residence whose construction dates back to the first half of the 14th century, when the fortified palace (Tumba) of Poggiano and the adjoining lands belonged to Elisabetta Malatesti Polenta. Various dynasties then followed in possessing the property: after the Malatestas there have been, among others, also the Bentivoglios, the Montefeltros, the Nardinis, the Della Roveres, the Dorias, up to the recent centuries with the Tosi family (19th century) , a notable local family whose name has long been identified with the property.

The structure, originally declaredly a fortress and therefore sober and simple, has undergone expansions and modifications over the centuries: for example, the small frescoed church that flanks the complex (19th century), the charming 17th-century staircase leading to the courtyard onto which the entrances open up to the main floor, the oil mill and the large park that surrounds the building.

The Palace has been restored in recent years under the aegis of the Superintendency for Environmental and Architectural Heritage, and today the residence is a prestigious location for events and receptions.

How to get there: from the Rimini Nord motorway exit, go in the direction of Santarcangelo di Romagna, follow the signs for Poggio Berni and then for Palazzo del Poggiano.

Via Collina, 1331 - tel: (+39) 333 5945462 | 


Marcosanti Palace

End of the 13th century. It is the ancient Tomb of Poggio Berni (the term Tomb indicated a fortified country residence). It must be considered the main historical reference of the administration of this territory.

Despite having undergone transformations over the centuries, (today it houses a prestigious restaurant and hospitality facility) its architecture is still full of pieces of evidence of considerable interest and can be considered one of the best-preserved fortresses of the Seigneury. Its position between the Uso and Marecchia rivers is excellent.

The external and internal walls are beautiful with the presence of two ogival portals dating back to the beginning of the 14th century.

The current name derives from the owners who acquired it in the 19th century. Visit by reservation.

How to get there: from the Rimini Nord motorway exit, head towards Santarcangelo di Romagna, follow the signs for Poggio Berni and then for Palazzo Marcosanti.

Via Ripa Bianca, 441 - tel: (+39) 0541 629522 |