New Year's Day of Wine and the Palio della Pigiatura ( Palio of Crushing)

Comune di San Giovanni in Marignano

This traditional end of summer event is dedicated to grape harvesting and will host tastings of local wines, food and folk dances.
this town will be the star of an event created to welcome new wines, a celebration of this local product which is the result of centuries of tradition, knowledge and patient work year after year, following the rhythm of the seasons.

This festival is a great opportunity to rediscover tastes, smells and the traditions of Romagna agriculture; visitors will have the chance to experience the emotions of times gone by, when grape stomping was a time for celebration.

The districts of San Giovanni in Marignano compete for the coveted Palio of Marignano through the art of crushing. Each team has to press the grapes barefoot in the barrel and win who can produce the largest amount of must.

Events may be subject to change, always contact organizers before going to the venue.


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