Gran fondo Squali | Bike marathon.

Comune di Cattolica

Two splendid routes designed for all types of muscles and the willingness to pedal across two regions and territories forged for bicycle lovers, immersed in the nature of the hills of Romagna and Marche.

Departure from Cattolica's Aquarium and arrival in Gabicce Monte, where the athletes will be rewarded with grilled fish and piadina romagnola on the "balcony of the Adriatic".
A unique and much appreciated set up that makes this event a truly great festival for everyone.

Long route: 135 km | difference in altitude: 2180 m

Short route: 85 km | height difference: 1365 m

Both itineraries cross two Regions and two Territories, a full immersion in the nature located throughout the Romagna and Marche hills.
The hub of the entire race, as well as base camp, is the Shark Arena, located within the Aquarium: a space dedicated to the Expo area with the participation of over 70 exhibitors, not only from the biking sector.

Events may be subject to change, always contact organizers before going to the venue.


­ starting from 39.00 €

tel 0541966621

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