City Tour Rimini esoteric

Comune di Rimini

Did you know that Tiberius, in order to build the famous bridge, made a pact with the Devil, the same one who, in 1570, led the witch of Rimini to the stake?

Did you know the story of the tunnel that runs from the fountain in Piazza Cavour to Covignano Hill? And why a pine cone crowning a fountain? Why are some buildings in Rimini decorated with stars, flowers, elephants and strange symbols?

A tour through the streets of downtown to answer all these questions, amid history and curiosities.

9 p.m. at the Arch of Augustus- for a fee

Events may be subject to change, always contact organizers before going to the venue.


­ starting from 12.00 €

+39 0541.53399
Parco Fellini, 47921, Rimini, (RN)

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