Dardust and Mirko Casadei at Albe in controuce, sunrise concerts on Riccione's beaches

Comune di Riccione

The second live show of "Albe in controuce, concerts at sunrise on Riccione's beaches" is scheduled for Sunday, July 14 (5:15 a.m.) on the free beach zone 133 in Piazzale Vittorini and will feature Dardust and Mirko Casadei.

The ethereal, dreamy atmospheres of Dardust will sonorize the sunrise, introduced by the acoustic notes of the Mirko Casadei POPular Folk Orchestra. A journey between heaven and earth, between the roots, the connection with the territory and the dreamlike dimension of the musical textures created by Dardust. The sound will become an integral part of the environment, until it dilutes and merges with the sound of the sea and the wind.

On the one hand, the exciting piano solo of Dardust, stage name of Dario Faini, one of the most original musicians and producers of his generation; on the other hand, the love for the vast heritage of Romagna's folk culture of Mirko Casadei, who for more than 20 years has been bringing to Italy and the world a tradition almost 100 years long. The event is organized in collaboration with Balamondo World Music Festival, the festival that draws on traditional historical heritage with the mission of transmitting its memory, customs and rituals.

Events may be subject to change, always contact organizers before going to the venue.


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