Literary Itineraries | David Bowie's Berlin

Comune di San Giovanni in Marignano

Last appointment with "Literary Itineraries", the event that for years now has brought writers and artists to San Giovanni in Marignano.

Closing the circle of the summer section that has been moving between words and notes, on Sunday 14 July, will be the turbulent transformist par excellence: that David Bowie who is the icon of this long review.
Emiliano Visconti will show us the steps by which Ziggy Stardust transformed himself first into the White Duke and then into that visionary expressionist who appears on the cover of "Heros", the central chapter of the Berlin Trilogy, one of the peaks of Bowie's creativity and perhaps of that whole convulsive and frenetic decade that was the 1970s.
At the music, the Blackstars, whose name already betrays a visceral love for Bowie's creations: Giuseppe Bonomo on voice and guitar will be accompanied by Giacomo Gamberucci's cello and loops.

9.15 p.m.
Arena Shows
Free admission
** in case of bad weather the event will take place in the CASA DELLA CULTURA next to the performance arena

Municipal Library biblio@marignano.net
Tourist Information Office
0541.828124 and info@prolocosangiovanni.it

Events may be subject to change, always contact organizers before going to the venue.


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