This food product, made by bees from the nectar of flowers of the secretions of plants, is known by all and valued as a product of high nutritional value and adaptability.

Glucose gives immediate surges of energy, and our metabolism transforms the fructose syrup into a wonderful source of energy. The calories of honey are equally favourable (320 kcal in 100 grams), and its quality as a sweetener as well as the traces of minerals (calcium, iron, phosphor) and vitamins (B1,B2,B6) it contains all contribute to making it a most versatile and valuable food.


The harmony of the elements in the territory of the Riviera di Rimini and the region of Malatesta & Montefeltro, and the pleasant breeze from the sea caressing the hills create a microclimate that, together with the particularly high fertility of the earth here, allow for blossoms of many different plants to grow in abundance. And so we have honey from one type of plant, such as chestnut or acacia trees, as well as honey from various different plants, called “millefiori”.


You can buy honey here from many producers or directly from farms. In some of the more up-market supermarkets and on the weekly markets, you will also find honey on sale directly by the producers.


And of course, honey from this region is always available during the traditional festivals and food fairs that take place in the wonderful hill areas from the end of the summer way into autumn, presented together with other typical seasonal products like cheese, wine, chestnuts, extra-virgin olive oil, mushrooms and truffles.


Torriana dedicates an entire festival, the “festa del miele”, to this fantastic product. It takes place every year during the first week in September. In addition to a market with products in direct sale, it is also possible to watch or even help with the honey making process.