From Bellaria to Villa Torlonia

This trail was taken from the “Sentieri” guide book with nature and historical tours around Rimini, published in 2009 by the Province of Rimini, Department of the Environment and Sustainable Development Policies.

The CAI (Club Alpino Italiano) marked the trail with the number 053

Follow the course of the river Uso, and then Rio Salto, where the street is paved, and you reach Torre in the area of San Mauro Pascoli in the province of Forli-Cesena.

The poet Giovanni Pascoli, already in the first words of La cavallina storna, speaks of these places: "In the Tower the silence was already high. Whispered the poplars of the Rio Salto."


The round tour is about 11.5 km long.
We recommend reading the posters along the trail for their interesting information.

  • Our walk (or bike tour) begins in Bellaria, Via Ravenna, directly on the right banks of the river Uso. Once you have negotiated the underpass of SS16, follow the bike path until you get to Castrum Lusi. Here you cross a wooden footbridge, then turn left and follow the left bank of the river until you get to the point where it mergers with Rio Salto.
  • Following the bank of the Rio Salto, you come to the bridge of Podere Isola where you turn right onto the paved road. Keep the river on your right and follow then the dirt road, passing the house La Raschina on your right. Keep on until you get to the junction with Via Viona.
  • Turn right here on to the paved road until the street to Villa Torlonia forks off, before the bridge over the Rio Salto. Go left and you get to “La Tora” (dialect) which marks the mansion of the Counts Torlonia.
  • This is the end of the walk. Retrace your steps to return to your starting point


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