Ponte Verucchio, Montebello, Torriana

CAI numbers: 03 / 03A
Distance: 16.1 km
Difference in altitude: +393 -393 metres
Difficulty: excursion level
Duration: 4 hours 45 minutes

Ponte Verucchio
Take the Ponte Verucchio exit on the left from the car park following the CAI arrow, follow the road as far as the junction then turn left, after the barrier, onto the cycle path as far as the junction for Case Palazzo.

Case Palazzo junction
Continue straight as far as the jun  ction for Madonna di Saiano, then continue on the dirt road on the right towards Montebello to Fontebuona where there is a water fountain; continue climbing to the iron cross and then turn right towards the small chapel.

Small chapel
Continue right for 30 metres then left on the path; after a short but steep climb, descend on the left towards the Lupo Pass. The path ends at a wide bend in the SP120 near the bus stop.

Bus stop
Follow the SP120 towards Torriana; after the turning right for Saiano and Gessi, continue to the castle junction before
descending towards Torriana for 500 metres. The Scalette path begins on the left, next to the car park.

After the short stretch of road, turn left onto the steep and at times exposed path as far as the observation point in front of the castle; continue along the path on the left as far as the junction for the tower then turn right and descend to the restaurant.

Immediately on the left, climb towards the peak of Mount Borgelino, turn left at the second junction.

Peak of Mount Borgelino
Descend following the little stone men marking the route as far as the gazebo; follow a short stretch of road towards Torriana then turn right onto Via Poggiolo as far as the village of Palazzo.

This is an ancient village in the process of being restored; from here return towards Saiano before taking the road on the left towards Ponte Verucchio

Ponte Verucchio
The route ends at the car park.


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