Casteldelci: the meeting point between Marche, Tuscany and Romagna

Casteldelci is the ideal destination for those who love mountains, hiking and outings into nature.
All thanks to the paths and mule tracks that can be travelled on foot, on horseback or by mountain bike in an authentic Appennine landscape, perfectly intact from an environmental point of view.
It is also the meeting point of three regions - Marche, Tuscany and Romagna - and boasts a territory that stands out for the beauty of its nature that identifies it as a “sea of green”.
Casteldelci has always been a destination appreciated by hiking enthusiasts as well as being the most mountainous municipality in the entire province, reaching as much as 1,355 metres in altitude.


If we cross the Otto Martiri Bridge, continuing along the road that flanks the Marecchia, accompanied by an expanse of greenery, we arrive at the foot of the ancient village. From here, you can decide whether to continue by car, arriving in the heart of the historic centre, or to continue on foot crossing the Ponte Vecchio, the ancient Romanesque bridge, absolute jewel of this place, with its single arch rising over the river’s waterfalls.
This is the first encounter with the history of this borderland between the three regions. Here passed the courageous Uguccione della Faggiola, descending from Casteldelci to defend the Ghibelline ideals, celebrated by Dante in his Inferno.


In the village only the tower still remains, transformed over the years into a wonderful bell tower. Passing through this stone hamlet is a delight, gazing at the windows of the houses and admiring the ancient doors, the seventeenth-century palace, the historic Town Hall, the Church and the archaeological museum.


The Castle was included among the four main castles of the Montefeltro and its Fortress, defended by four towers, was judged as very strong thanks to its position.

Located halfway downstream, on a hill to the left of the Senatello, it is surrounded by high mountains whose characteristic is to show their “marly-arenaceous” stratifications, rocks tens of millions of years old belonging to the Miocene age.


In summer, you can visit the EcoPark, an enchanting place immersed in nature, ideal for walking or cycling, for a barbecue with friends or even just for relaxing in the cool breeze, with your feet immersed in the waters of the Senatello stream.


The park is also active from a cultural point of view. Every year, in fact, meetings and thematic workshops are held, accompanied by gastronomic festivals, shiatsu treatments and itineraries to discover the natural beauty of the place with poetic readings and recitals by local artists.


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