Marecchia Park

Marecchia park, also called Parco XXV Aprile, was built in the 1970s on the natural bed of the Marecchia, where the river flowed until the 1930s, flowing into the port canal.
It is the largest civic urban park in Rimini. From here the cycle path sets off that follows the course of the lower part of the Marecchia river from Torriana to the sea.
It is a real nature trail with vegetation closely linked to the stream that flows alongside it (white and black poplars, white willows, blackthorns, white thorns, dog rose...)
Combining a more typically Po valley fauna with a more Mediterranean one, you can meet animals such as the buzzard, the gray heron, the coot.
Within the park, there are areas equipped for games and some sports facilities. The path passes near the Rimini Golf Club.


Surface area: 234,790 square meters.


Inside the park, there is a fenced area where dogs can be left free without any limitation of leash and

Opening: annual
Free entry

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Parco Marecchia (RN)

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