The Sasso Simone and Simoncello Park

In the heart of Montefeltro, in a protected area of 4,991 hectares, lies the Sasso Simone and Simoncello Regional Natural Park dotted with hamlets and historic centers such as Carpegna, Frontino, Montecopiolo, Piandimeleto, Pennabilli, and Pietrarubbia. Geomorphological elements and natural emergences characterize this landscape which is also rich in historical value. The beauties and landscapes of the area offer those who visit the park numerous opportunities for discovery through excursions, educational activities, and good food.


The Park takes its name from two huge limestone boulders, the Sasso Simone and the Simoncello, giants with flat tops that have been part of the hilly landscape for millions of years. Prehistoric men, Romans and Benedictine monks settled on Sasso Simone.


The place is ideal for excursions with families and school groups, educational activities and environmental educational workshops, horseback riding, mountain biking, Nordic walking, and orienteering.


Of the many trails that lead to the Sassi, we indicate the one that, starting from Carpegna Roadman’s house enters the forest, offering a cool and refreshing walk. The environment is home to rare plants and animals, and is equipped with rest areas and departure and arrival points for pleasant excursions within the protected area.




How to get there:

from Pennabilli going up the Marecchiese Provincial Road 258, from Montecopiolo Provincial Road 2

from Pietrarubbia going up Foglienese Provinciale Road 6

from Piandimeleto going up provincial road 3 bis.


Opening hours

Open all year round

Free admission


Via dei Tigli | tel. (+39) 0722 770073 - -

Parco del Sasso Simone e Simoncello

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