The Conca Valley Wildlife Oasis

The wildlife oasis, made official in 1991 by the Province of Rimini, includes the Conca stream between Morciano di Romagna and its mouth, for an area of 702 hectares (7,020,000 sq m).

It concerns the riverbed and floodplain environments, within the municipalities of Cattolica, San Giovanni in Marignano and Morciano on the right bank; Misano Adriatico and San Clemente on the left bank.


The entire Oasis can be visited by following the cycle/pedestrian paths that extend along the two riverbanks. 

The ornithological observatory is located along the cycle/pedestrian path on the left of the Conca artificial basin, in the Municipality of Misano Adriatico.


It consists of a barrier equipped with slits for bird-watching, which adults and children can use, and a building equipped with slits. Outside there are bird identification panels and a "wetland" exhibition. Depending on the water level in the basin, numerous species of aquatic birds can be seen with binoculars. The basin is home to the reproduction of various species of Rallidae, ducks, wading birds and passerine birds. The white stork, the black stork, the spoonbill, the pelican, and the great white heron are among the rare aquatic birds that can be seen there.


The wildlife oasis and the observatory are always freely accessible.


For individuals and schools to make use of the prefabricated building, call 335 5696426 (Roberto Bertozzi) or 328.2255883 (Claudio Papini).

Binoculars can be provided upon request.

Come arrivare

How to get there:
The birdwatching observatory can be reached from the Statale Adriatica A road at Misano Adriatico. Travel along Via del Carro until you reach the Santamonica motoracing track. Turn left here towards via Sant’Ilario, and a short diversion on the left leads to the car park on the shores of the basin. Continue on foot for 150 m along the fencing until you reach the Observatory. Alternatively you can reach the observatory travelling along Via Molino Raticone and then Via Puccini in the Santamonica grounds. When you reach the car park, take the path on the left that flanks the artificial basin for about 400 m until you reach the Observatory. The paths are signposted by tourist road signs.


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