Places of natural interest on the Rimini Riviera

The Rimini Riviera has a green heart and preserves some of the most important reserves and places of natural interest in the area.

If you love greenery and nature, the Onferno Caves provide a descent of about 1,350 meters towards the center of the earth to admire the outcroppings of crystalline gypsum and the myriad of bats that inhabit this area.

Did you know that the landscapes that inspired Piero della Francesca in his works are hidden in the hills of Montefeltro? You can discover them along the itineraries of the Balconi Rinascimentali (Renaissance Balcony).

Finally, if the earth is not enough for you and you always have your nose turned up towards the sky, you can visit the Astronomical Observatory in Saludecio, the only one in the province of Rimini, which will allow you to touch the sky... with your fingertips!