Misano Adriatico's Ecoways .

Misano Adriatico is known for its beaches and the sea, but few people know that it is also a natural hub for those who love cycling and walking in the open air, and it is the only town on the Rimini Riviera that takes you from the sea to the hills without traveling on busy roads.

These routes are called EcoVie (Green Trails) which are real "walks" between the sea and the hills, in an area that connects the beach to Valconca with paths and trails dedicated to eco-sustainable mobility.

The Green Trails can be traveled on foot or by bicycle and are designed for moving around the territory in a greener, more sustainable way for tourists and citizens, families, sportsmen, and nature lovers. The municipal area has over 30 km of cycle paths, which make it possible both to move around the seaside area safely, and to reach the areas that are more inland.

There are three Green Trails in the area.


Green Trail of the Sea

A route that winds alonTrail of the Seag the seafront of Misano Adriatico, starting from Portoverde in the direction of the boundary with Riccione or vice versa. This Green Trail consists of a completely flat, well-marked, and safe cycle path, which can be traveled on any type of bicycle or scooter, flanked by a sidewalk for pedestrians. It is ideal for cycling with children in complete relaxation, for healthy walks, a stone's throw from the sea, or for running in a picturesque context. Along the way, you will also come across the Mare-Nord park, an ideal place for stops and picnics in the shade of pine trees.


Green Trail of the Hills

The Green Trail of the Hills is a more technical route along dirt roads, uphill and downhill stretches among the hills overlooking the coast, suitable for gravel bikes, mountain bikes, and trekking. The itinerary is made up of mixed-surface roads, which offer an exclusive view of the panorama of the Romagna hinterland and are traveled alongside fields and vineyards with a view of the sea.


Green Trail of the Conca

It is a nature trail starting from the sea, in the Portoverde area, and running along the Conca River in the direction of the hills. It is an itinerary that is largely on unpaved surfaces, but the trail is well-trodden and substantially flat. The Green Trail of the Conca is a route suitable for everyone: for those who want to indulge in a pleasant walk immersed in nature a stone's throw from the sea, for a bicycle excursion (even with children), for trekking and Nordic walking, in the charming nature oasis of the Conca.


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