Visitor Centre of Rimini

Art and history in an interactive journey

Pubblicato il: 10-01-2024

There are many ways to discover the ancient history that characterises our land.
The Visitor Centre is one of these, a “magnifying glass” on the cultural wonders of the area and a first introductory stop to the many cultural itineraries and opportunities that Rimini offers.


The Visitor Centre offers you a multimedia and interactive itinerary, a touch wall in which the ideal reconstruction of Ariminum in the Imperial age is represented along with the points of interest of the city: the domus, the main streets, the monuments, itineraries and routes to be discovered through in-depth texts, images and games. It is possible to create your own personal wishlists containing the selected itineraries and send the relative pdf to your mobile device, designing, directly inside the Visitor Centre, the itinerary of your liking, ready to become a personalised guide to Roman Rimini.


The route begins at the height of the Arch of Augustus and develops along the decumanus through four “narrative stations”: an avatar that interprets Julius Caesar welcomes the visitor and, ideally taking him or her by the hand, transports the visitor to the reality of the time. Then the journey continues touching some of the main cornerstones of Roman Rimini and the projections are activated as the visitor passes: from a reconstruction of the typical Roman domus, to the relationship of the city with its sea and finally to a reading of how antiquity inspired the great Renaissance architecture, whose manifesto is the Malatesta Temple. The itinerary is enriched by a series of archaeological finds (fragments of epigraphs, a capital, a fragment of a sarcophagus, a stele) some of which are exhibited to the public for the very first time, made available by the Municipal Museums with the consent of the Superintendence of Archaeology of Emilia Romagna.


There is also a webcam placed above a lectern that takes a photo and, through facial recognition software, “extrapolates” the facial features and inserts them within the chosen theme (Roman gladiator, Roman couple, handmaiden).
There is even a multi-purpose room designed especially for schools and students’ educational needs, but also as a recreational play area.


Those who are not satisfied with the virtual are spoiled for choice. At the exit of the Visitor Centre, on the right you will find the Tiberius Bridge, while on the left, along the entire course, you will arrive directly under the Arch of Augustus.


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