The Rimini Riviera prepares for the Tour de France

The first stage of the Tour de France - scheduled for Saturday, June 29 - comes to the Rimini Riviera.

Pubblicato il: 06-03-2024

The Rimini Riviera has always been a land of cyclists, renowned not only for its golden beaches and cuisine linked to antique traditions, but also for being a true paradise for bicycle enthusiasts. 

Here, pedalling takes on a unique dimension. It is an enthralling experience that goes beyond simple physical activity and it’s no coincidence that precisely in Romagna Marco Pantani was born and raised, a champion that was able to lead Italian cycling into the international elite of the sport.


This year, the Grand Départ of the Tour de France will indeed take place in Italy, developing over the course of three stages that cross through Tuscany, Emilia-Romagna and Piedmont.

The first stage of the Tour - scheduled for Saturday 29 June - will start in Florence and arrive precisely in Rimini, with 205 kilometres that will touch some of the most meaningful places of the Rimini Riviera, such as Novafeltria and San Leo.


The Rimini Riviera, a land to discover on bicycle

The entire Rimini Riviera is nothing less than a discovery for bicycle enthusiasts, thanks to a territory made of rolling hills, plains, bicycle paths, ecological trails, but also steep climbs and breathtaking descents.

The itineraries of the territory are plentiful and suitable to meet the widest variety of needs: there are those perfect for families with children just starting out, right up to itineraries that will challenge experts and seasoned cyclists.

Moreover, the Rimini Riviera boasts numerous equipped hotels - the Bike Hotels - that offer solutions, services and infrastructure for cyclists and enthusiasts, such as bike storage, bike wash, repair and fine tuning, laundry services for technical wear, menus designed for athletes and guides.

Additionally, it’s not coincidental that one of the most important events of the sector - the Italian Bike Festival - is held precisely at Misano Adriatico, within the Misano World Circuit.

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