Where it is

Clinging to Mount Pincio which protects it, this town is flanked by the river and by rocky crags topped by the fortresses of San Leo and Maioletto that control the valley and nearby Novafeltria, the town it gave life to about 100 years ago.

Why visit it

The intimate old town is very inviting and offers visitors a series of attractions in close proximity to each other. All around the town there are woods with chestnut trees, pines and a lot of shrubbery which are great for taking short hikes.

When to go and what to see

This little medieval town in the heart of Montefeltro once belonged to the Della Faggiola family, enfeoffed by the Pope, before going back and forth between the Church and the Malatesta. In 1490, the town began to produce gunpowder in the mills of Talamello, which continued until the second half of the 20th century, after about 500 years of production. Since antiquity, Talamello has maintained its little hidden jewels, which should be visited when the weather is good, until late autumn.

Among the most important monuments are the fountain that adorns the square, the cemetery chapel with genuine 15th-century treasures, and the splendid Crucifix by the “fourteenth-century Rimini school”.

Also worth seeing is Amintore Galli Theatre, named after the father of the Inno dei Lavoratori (Anthem of Italian Workers) born here in 1845 who became a teacher, critic and esteemed composer; the building now houses the Gualtieri Museum and Art Gallery.

Don't miss

Talamello is famous for its specialized production of pit cheese, defined by the poet Tonino Guerra as “Ambra di Talamello”, and has a lively market dedicated to this product each year.

Significant appointments

The town hosts several events promoting typical local produce like the Marecchia Valley Chestnut Fair in October, and in November it becomes the Pit Cheese capital with a fair dedicated to this delicious product.

Information Offices

UIT Talamello

Via Saffi 34
Talamello (Rimini)

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