Rimini Riviera: An Open-air Canvas

Rimini Riviera, from the sea to the hills, is a real open-air canvas where you can admire the works of well-known names in international street art.

The territory has been chosen by some Italian writer artists, famous all over the world, as an urban canvas for their murals. Ericailcane, Bastardilla and Eron from Rimini have left their mark by rendering some urban spaces unique.

The tradition of murals actually has its roots in the early 1980s, when on the occasion of the typical Fest de' borg in San Giuliano, instead of organizing the usual photographic exhibition, it was decided to entrust the artists with the task of painting pictures of the iconic characters of the place on the walls of the houses of the town, in order to offer a descriptive visual cross-section of the neighborhood.

Over time, the tradition has been maintained, integrating into the narrative thread homages to Federico Fellini, who had celebrated these places so much in his films.


Today, thanks also to the intervention of numerous artists, it is possible to travel along real itineraries that reach the hills from the sea, to discover exciting artistic "en plein air" trails.