Wines from the hills of Rimini

Wine is a liquid nutriment that popular custom considers useful for making manual work more fruitful and intellectual work more creative.

Obviously, the value lies in the quality.

Wine at the table brings pleasure, serenity and joy. In wine, in the knowledge of it, in its history, in its ability to be tasted, appreciated, offered, bought, there is also a cultural content. It is the culture of our land.




The consortium called "Strada dei Vini e dei Sapori dei Colli di Rimini" (Road of Wines and Flavors of the Hills of Rimini) brings together oil mills, wineries, wine cellars, holiday farms, restaurants, craft shops, public institutions and trade associations located along the beaches of the Adriatic and among the historic hamlets of the Conca valleys and Marecchia.

Each company offers different suggestions and all together they tell the story of a territory with the innate hospitality of its people.

Wine, Albana docg (controlled appellation wine) | 100% Albana grapes

Fairly dry
Straw yellow in colour.
Light somewhat intense bouquet, persistent, fine, floreal.
Fresh, dry, warm, harmonious taste, slightly sharp aftertaste.
Drink young no more than a year after harvest.
Alcohol content: 11.5°
Serve at: 10° C
Serve with: light and delicate fish antipasti, egg dishes, light fish main courses.

Semi sweet type
Straw yellow tending to golden in colour.
Fairly intense bouquet, persistent, fine, fruity.
Semi sweet flavour pleasantly fruity, fresh, warm, typical.
Drink young no more than a year after harvest.
Alcohol content: 12°
Serve at: 10° C
Serve with: Light baked desserts and also fish dishes.

Sweet type
Bright straw yellow tending to golden in colour.
Intense, persistent, fine, fruity bouquet.
Delicately sweet, fruity, warm, typical.
Drink young no more than a year after harvest.
Alcohol content: 12°
Serve at: 11/12° C
Serve with: excellent with fruit, dessert and Ciambella Romagnola.

Passito type
Golden yellow colour tending to amber.
Intense, persistent, fine, full bouquet, with hints of truffle.
Smooth, soft, pleasant, intense, persistent flavour.
Drink no earlier than a year after harvest or leave to age.
Alcohol content: 15.5°
Serve at: 13/14° C
Serve with: excellent at the end of meals with dry patisserie or strong flavoured cheeses.


Wine, Cagnina doc (controlled appellation wine)

At least 85% Refosco grape, locally called Terrano
Purple-violet deep red in colour.
Intense wine bouquet, persistent, fairly fine.
Sweet, fresh, intensely fruity flavour, persistent with soft body, tannic.
Drink young no more than six months after harvest.
Alcohol content: 11°
Serve at: 14°
Serve: a wine to round off your meal, excellent with Ciambella Romagnola and chestnuts.


Wine Pagadebit doc (controlled appellation wine)

At least 85% Bombino Bianco grape
More or less bright straw yellow.
Fine, floreal fairly intense and persistent bouquet.
Dry, fresh, soft, fine, harmonious flavour.
Drink within the year.
Alcohol content: 11°,5 - 12°
Serve at: 10°
Serve: good companion to fish dishes, simple antipasti and to new flavours



Rebola is a traditional term that identifies a native wine from the province of Rimini. It is obtained from Grechetto Gentile grapes historically present in the Rimini area. 

The first notarial inscription that proves its presence dates back to 1378 (statutes of Savignano of Rimni).

It is a well-structured wine, saline with some hints of almond which noticeably reflects the influence of the sea. Its sapidity makes it particularly suitable for local fish cuisine.

It is a pleasant, clear and eclectic white wine; it is representative of a territory with a great tourist vocation. A real liquid souvenir to taste while on holiday and to take home.

The best way to taste rebola and other Rimini wines is "P.assaggi di Vino", the annual event held in July in the setting of the Tiberius Bridge and of the San Giuliano Hamlet.



Wine Sangiovese doc (controlled appellation wine)

At least 85% Sangiovese Romagnolo grape.
Ruby red with violet lights when young, tending to deep red when aged.
When young:
Intense and persistent, fine bouquet, winey with distinctive hints of violet.
Dry, sapid, tannic flavour, soft body, with delicate sharp aftertaste.
When aged:
Intense, persistent, fine, ample bouquet.
Dry, good tannins, soft body, rounded.
Must age until the April after harvest. Optimal age 1-3 years normal, except where selected for aging.
Alcohol content: 11.5° (Sangiovese Superiore 12.5°)
Serve at: 14° C
Serve: throughout meals when young, excellent with charcuterie, grilled and roasts meats, medium aged cheeses, grilled fish and brodetto. When aged, red meats, game, mature cheeses, grilled and roast fish.


Wine Trebbiano doc (controlled appellation wine)

At least 85% Trebbiano Romagnolo grape.
Bright straw yellow colour.
Fine, fragrant, floreal, fairly intense and persistent bouquet.
Dry flavour, light body, fine, discretely harmonious.
Alcohol content: 11.5°
Serve at: 9°
Serve with: simple vegetable soups, light antipasti, plain fish dishes.