The hand-printed canvases

Hand-printed works are the most typical souvenir to take home for those who go on holiday on the Rimini Riviera.
Whether it's a tablecloth, a cloth or a simple napkin, it is printed by hand on canvas according to that ancient, very traditional artisan technique of the       so-called rust print where there is a prevalence of classic floral motifs such as leaves and vine branches.
On the Rimini Riviera, this form of craftsmanship has its lovers and custodians who, using ancient techniques and processing methods, still today produce items of linen that are evidence of an important part of the historical and cultural heritage of the whole province, small great masterpieces that no industrial production, not even the most valuable, will ever be able to match.
Handcrafted canvases have an ancient history that has its origins in the simple country craftsmanship of the rural areas. They were produced with pear wood molds, while the colors were obtained from rust and other organic and mineral pigments.
The fabric was generally hemp grown in the fields and woven on home looms. Small masterpieces were produced with a few simple elements and great inventiveness!
This ancient tradition has come down to us thanks to two workshops that still today produce the canvases working in the ancient manner.
In Santarcangelo, at the ancient Stamperia Marchi you will find handcrafted products, which have the unmistakable sign of an invaluable tradition. A visit to the Printing House is also a unique opportunity to see the Mangle at work, the oldest machine in Europe for ironing canvas and probably the only example still in operation.
Stamperia Marchi 
Via Cesare Battisti, 15 47822 Santarcangelo di Romagna | tel. 0541 626018


In the center of Rimini, on the other hand, we come across a small traditional jewel that is part of the Associazione Stampatori Tele Romagnole, created to guarantee the 'truthfulness'' of Romagnola hand printing. The canvases printed in the small workshop of Stamperia Ruggine use traditional methods.
There are a few little tricks to see whether a tablecloth or a kitchen towel is a truly authentic handcrafted product, typical of hand-printed products of Romagna.
For example, you need to check that the drawing and the color of the print are clear also on the reverse side of the garment you want to get.
Also beware of too much perfection: a hand-made print can (or rather:''must'') have some small defects which, on the reverse, are even more evident.
And then the color: the one produced industrially is immediately recognizable because it is decidedly homogeneous, while the hand-printed one is subject to nuances, to slight touches of diversity.
Stamperia Ruggine
Via Bertani, 36 Rimini | | 328.8251059