An itinerary through the historic workshops of Rimini

The historic shops of Romagna represent a unique heritage of territory’s identity. Shops and clubs are an integral and very important part of the history of places, they maintain their traditions, habits, culture.
It is no coincidence that, in order to enhance these excellences, there is a specific register that groups them together: “The Register of Historic Shops” (L’Albo delle Botteghe Storiche).
This itinerary that crosses Rimini tells the stories of “know-how”, of the passion for one’s work and tells, in an unprecedented way, the traditions of the cities.


Rimini boasts 82 Historic Shops registered in the Register, iconic places still present in the memories of many Rimini residents. These are places that span diverse sectors: hardware stores, bars, haberdashery, bike shops, pharmacies and vintage cars.
In addition to the complete list of all the shops, we’d like to tell you about 3 that have made the history of the city.


In the heart of the historic centre of Rimini, in Via Garibaldi, we find MERCERIA CHERI opened in 1957 by Mrs. Liliana Urbinati who is no longer with us, but in that same nineteenth-century building the Merceria Cheri business is carried on by her daughters Nadia and Maria Gabriella.
What used to be a typical workshop for the world of supplies for artisanal tailors and for those who loved to make or embroider on their own, has slowly turned into a point of reference for all those who wish to immerse themselves in the world of quality tailoring.
At Merceria Cheri, today you can find all the materials for tailoring, from buttons to beads, from trimmings to ribbons and linings, but also bags, gloves, shawls, hats and other goods. Nadia and Maria Gabriella’s advice can surely be counted on, together with a service made of availability, kindness and competence that speak of how the love and passion for their business has carried on through time.


If we move slightly away from the centre, a few dozen meters from Borgo San Giovanni, we find L’OSTERIA DA BIAGIO, a Romagna trattoria opened in 1968 by Domenico and Bertina, the grandparents of the current owners, who offer a cuisine that they define as their grandmother’s old tradition, with those recipes, those gestures and that knowledge handed down over the decades, but updated and enhanced to keep up with the times and changing tastes.
In the renovation of the business, some elements of the past have been left as they were, precisely to give value to the identity of the restaurant and tradition. Hence the maintenance of the exposed bricks, the original kitchen utensils hanging on the wall, the strainer, the ladle and then the roundup of famous sayings from Romagna.

It is a family story, that of the Osteria, which continues today with the new recruits already helping in the dining room and in the kitchen. And it is precisely the family atmosphere that is one of the success factors of this activity.

RED DEVIL MOTORS is located on the Rimini seafront between Marebello and Rivazzurra and was founded in 1987 by the Paolini brothers, who continue to manage it today.
It was initially a bar, then became a brewery pub in 1988. The pub was born as a meeting point for Bikers, especially foreigners, and in particular from Northern Europe, who in those years assiduously frequented the club and the whole of the Rimini Riviera.
But it’s not just a pub. The Red Devil is also a well-known meeting place, arrival and departure for motorcycle rallies, it is famous for the party atmosphere that it knows how to create every night, thanks to live music and theme parties.
Over 300 bands, artists and DJs have been hosted there. The Red Devil is one of the stops on international tours dedicated to fun that bring young men and women from all over Europe to enjoy themselves.
The style recalls the “Street & Urban Art” and the “Trash Style”, much loved by motorcyclists and many others. The colourful walls with graffiti and writings and the ceiling are full of mementos left by the dearest friends and customers: every single inch contains a piece of the pub’s history.


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