Between land and sea, from Cattolica to Onferno

The province of Rimini is capable of surprising the visitor with its rich treasures.

A visit to Cattolica, an ancient town of fishermen and sailors, to discover the memories and passions as well as the knowledge of seafaring people. The Museum of the Queen in the Marine section collects, among other things, priceless unique pieces such as models of boats of various sizes and of different historical periods.

The itinerary continues on towards the Onferno Caves. From Cattolica go up the Conca valley road and, after passing S. Giovanni in Marignano and Morciano di Romagna, continue on towards Gemmano.

In Onferno you can explore the subsoil, a path full of charm that allows you to become familiar with, besides the history of the formation of the territory, also the varieties of fauna and flora in the area.