Torriana and Montebello

The two fortresses of Torriana and Montebello stand perched on two of the rocky cliffs so typical of the Marecchia valley, excellent natural defences in times of war and invasions. Invincible fortresses which witnessed the splendours of the Malatesta Seignory and the bitter battles against the castles and troops of Montefeltro, the adjoining region which includes the middle and upper parts of the valley.


The village of Montebello is almost intact; the silence of centuries has made the village a precious island of history and culture.
There are mysterious legends too, and the richness of the environment has led to the creation of a nature reserve complete with a study and research centre.

Torriana and Montebello are surrounded by lush green countryside, and the local “Comunità Montana” association has created a network of paths, well-kept and well-signposted, for hikers, mountain bikes, and horse-riders. The paths cover the entire territory, with links to Verucchio and the middle and upper Marecchia valley, and are interesting not only to nature enthusiasts but also to history lovers, since they pass close to a number of historic buildings. One of the best walks is to the Church of Our Lady, Saiano. The Torriana – Montebello Nature Reserve deserves a special mention. Founded in 1993, the reserve protects an area important for a number of reasons: geological (chalk formations); botanical (oak woods, orchids, water plants); and above all for its fauna.


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