You can also ski on the Rimini Riviera!

The ski resort of Villagrande together with the Hermitage of Monte Carpegna, in the municipality of Montecopiolo, belong to the area of the Sasso Simone Simoncello Regional Park.


The Villagrande ski area is situated near the center of the administrative center of Villagrande and has a ski lift and a moving pavement that start at 850 meters and reach 1100 meters above sea level, serving three slopes for alpine skiing, all very wide and easy, suitable for children and beginners.

The moving pavement with night lighting is suitable for bobsledding, sledding, snowboarding and also as a ski school for novice skiers.

The ski area is open on weekends and during the Christmas period (December 26 - January 7) when there is natural snow.

You can also practice cross-country skiing for free thanks to a snow groomer equipped with a special tracker. There are also numerous excursions and organized snowshoe hikes in the regional Park.

Villagrande, in the upper part of Montefeltro, is surrounded by wonderful peaks: Mount Carpegna (1415 metres), Palazzolo and Boaggine mountains, and it lies on the slopes of Mount Copiolo, Mount San Marco, Mount Montone (1104 m, wildlife park) and Mount Pennuzza.

Villagrande Montecopiolo is a stone's throw from the sea and from the historic towns of Urbino, San Leo and San Marino which can be seen well from the high altitude.



Mount Carpegna Hermitage is located in a natural basin on the top of Mount Carpegna, and it is a ski resort that was created in 1966.

It currently has 1 ski lift and a three-seater chairlift serving some slopes for Aline skiing especially suited to beginners and intermediate skiers. For the little ones and those who want to have fun in the snow and learn to ski there is a ski and snowboard school, and 2 conveyor belts serve both the bobsled and sledding slope and the ski school.