5 things to do in Novafeltria

Here are some interesting things to visit in the Marecchia Valley

Pubblicato il: 08-01-2024

Today we invite you to discover one of the hidden gems of the province of Rimini: Novafeltria.
Novafeltria, a beautiful town located in the province of Rimini, in the heart of the Marecchia Valley.

It is an ideal destination for those looking for the perfect combination of history, culture, nature and gastronomy, thanks to some hamlets that are definitely worth visiting.


Here are 5 things to do during your visit to Novafeltria:

Explore the village of Perticara: this ancient medieval village is located among the pine forests on a slope of Monte Aquilone, a few kilometres from Novafeltria.

This village was an important centre of sulphur mining. Here you will find the Sulphur museum and you can stroll through the narrow cobbled streets and admire the old stone houses, churches and towers.


Torricella: another beautiful medieval village located a few kilometres from Novafeltria. Its history dates back to the construction of the Temple of Hercules around the end of 200 BC.
Centre of historical and cultural interest, located just a few kilometres from Novafeltria. Here you can visit the Castle of Torricella, an imposing defensive structure dating back to the twelfth century. In the hamlet of Torricella there is also a prehistoric sacrificial altar presumably used for pagan religious practices.


Sartiano: a characteristic little village with an exceptional panoramic position over the Marecchia valley, immersed in the green of nature, known for the ancient castle, whose original nucleus rests on a hill at the entrance of the village, its Romanesque church which has a single nave interior, has maintained the original trussed layout with capitals and barbicans and original tiles. Another important feature are the picturesque
views of the Marecchia valley.


Stroll in the Ivan Graziani Park: a large natural park located a few kilometres from Novafeltria. Perfect for nature enthusiasts.
Here you can go hiking, picnicking and admire the local fauna and flora.

Lastly, Secchiano and Uffogliano: two small villages that still preserve their ancient traditions, where one can admire two beautiful churches, and their wonderful natural landscapes. Also worth mentioning is the bridge, the beauty of this stretch of narrow river, rich in water and large stones polished by its flow, and the mill (now a restaurant) which preserves the old structure and the original mechanisms.

The entire municipal territory offers breathtaking views of the whole valley for trekking enthusiasts, horseback riding and excursions by bike and e-bike.
We invite you to discover all that Novafeltria and the province of Rimini have to offer.

Visit the website: www.comune.novafeltria.rn.it