A day among the jewels of Talamello

The nature of Mount Aquilone, the taste of Fossa cheese , Giottesque art and the hyper realisms of Fernando Gualtieri

Pubblicato il: 08-01-2024

Talamello, overlooking on one side Monte Pincio, and on the other Monte Aquilone, is the place that better than others dialogues with the jewels of Valmarecchia and the Montefeltro, the ideal place to admire the neighbouring fortresses of San Leo and Maioletto, dominating the valley and the adjacent city of Novafeltria.

Nature here is preparing to put on a show in every season, and the town, intimate and compact, hides small treasures of rare beauty, in a cross-section of time that from ancient eras extends to the present day, involving naturalistic, gastronomic and artistic routes.


The town, a small medieval village in the heart of the Montefeltro, houses a first artistic jewel: a crucifix of the Giotto school attributed to Giovanni da Rimini and restored to its former glory thanks to a recent restoration.

And this alone could be enough to merit a visit to the village, but there is no lack of surprises in store, because it is only a short walk that leads to a votive cell of the fourteenth century of the Ferrara school.
Once the gates open, towered over by a pair of “M”s, one can admire the frescoes with the scenes of the Annunciation and the Madonna Enthroned, accompanied by the Adoration of the Magi, the two hosts of Saints, the Evangelists and the Doctors of the Church.


In summary, within just a few square metres it is possible to witness the spectacle of art and painting conceived and realised between the Gothic era and the beginning of the Renaissance.

But we’re not done yet.
Perhaps not everyone knows that Talamello also houses the entire collection of Fernando Gualtieri, an eclectic artist originally from this place, still living, who alternates his home between Paris and Viserba, with a constant rhythm that follows that of the passing of the seasons.


The painter has always shared his artistic career with his wife Yvette, and has donated his collection to Talamello, now housed in the Gualtieri Museum, the most modern heart of the city.
The visit to the Museum is another journey into beauty, embraced by the story of a guide who takes you along in the discovery of the hyper realism of the embroideries and brocades of the canvases, of the crystal vases that release reflections and suggest other worlds and other visions, of the elegance of the exotic details that bring to mind the artist’s travels.

Within the spaces of the Museum more lives are lived and more stories are told, partly spoken of by the colours of the canvases, partly drawn by Yvette’s poems.
Gualtieri and his wife have combined their talents and made it an art of life.


Finally, Talamello offers you one last jewel, no less important than the others: its Fossa cheese, renamed by Tonino Guerra the Amber of Talamello, for the unmistakable nuances of its colour, the inebriating scent and the irresistible flavour.
Every year at the end of August the cheese is lowered into special pits, while on 25 November, when the cheese is taken from the pit, called the “sfossatura”, is celebrated with a festival.
At the end of the visit, of Talamello you will take home the art of an ancient but still current time, the colours of a walk in the heart of the nature of Montefeltro, the ancient and never lost flavours of the Romagna tradition.

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