Rust-printed canvases: in the heart of Rimini.

The Ruggine print shop in Rimini tells the story of an ancient craft: that of printed canvas. In Romagna, on the Rimini Riviera small jewels of craftsmanship.

Pubblicato il: 17-10-2023

The Ruggine print shop in Rimini

The Stamperia Ruggine printing house in Rimini tells the story of an ancient craft: that of printed fabrics. In Romagna, on the Riviera di Rimini, popular tradition has preserved, to this day, a craft of great value that originated in Italy in the seventeenth century.

In the centre of Rimini, at the Stamperia Ruggine, halfway between the Arch of Augustus and the Malatesta temple, one can admire the execution of printing on fabric, and the creation of products that are in fact true “unique pieces”.

Today, the hand-printed fabrics are the most typical souvenir to take home for those who go on holiday in the Rimini Riviera.
Whether it is a tablecloth, a tea towel or a simple napkin, at Stamperia Ruggine everything is printed by hand on fabric according to that ancient, traditional artisan technique of the so-called rust printing that sees the prevalence of classic floral motifs such as leaves and vine shoots.
This little jewel in the heart of Rimini is part of the Associazione Stampatori Tele Romagnole, created to guarantee the “authenticity” of Romagna’s hand printing.


There are some little tricks to verify whether a tablecloth, or a tea towel, are really handmade products, typical of Romagna’s hand printing technique.
For example, you have to check that the design and colour of the print are clear even on the reverse side of the cloth that you are looking at. Beware also of too much perfection: a handmade print can (indeed: it ‘must’) have small misalignments that, on the reverse, are even more evident.

And then the colour: the industrial one is immediately recognisable because it is decidedly homogeneous, while the hand-printed one is subject to nuances, to slight touches of diversity.


Stamperia Ruggine | Via Bertani, 36 Rimini | | (+39) 328 8251059