Ports, Marinas and Maritime Hamlets

From North to South, the Rimini Riviera offers you the spectacle of its ports, marinas and Maritime Hamlets that have kept their ancient charm intact.

Bellaria - Igea Marina: From a Fishing Hamlet to a Meeting Place

The port of Bellaria - Igea Marina is one of the "ancient" places of a town that was born as a fishing hamlet. These were small boats, mostly sailboats or rowboats, used for fishing near the coast. Over time the fishing methods have evolved and the fishing activity in Bellaria Igea Marina has never stopped, even if the port, although improved in its facilities, does not allow large boats to dock there.

Today the real attraction of this port are the cafés and restaurants that wind along the canal, together with the events, concerts and shows organized during the summer season, and it is the ideal place for an evening stroll and a meeting place for young people.


San Giuliano di Rimini: Welcome to the Fishing Hamlet

The ancient hamlet of sailors and fishermen of San Giuliano is located a stone's throw from the historic center of Rimini and it is the oldest and most important of the hamlets of the town with a history that dates back to the 11th century, when it was a working-class neighborhood made up of alleys and low houses, inhabited by seafarers.

It is a historic place, full of charm and tradition, also made famous by celebrities such as Federico Fellini.

Today, the completely renovated area is one of the coolest places in the town of Rimini, the scene of quality events and great gastronomic excellences.


Marina di Rimini: One of the Most Beautiful Marinas on the Mediterranean Sea

With its 622 moorings and a body of water that exceeds 100,000 square meters, the Marina di Rimini has been defined as the new jewel of the Adriatic Sea, and it is frequented by lovers of sailing and yachting. It is an avant-garde port and dock, designed with the most exclusive services and located in a central position, very close to the heart of the town, allowing visitors to be close to all the comforts and services that the town itself offers.

However, defining it as a dock or a tourist port is too simplistic. Here too, the prestigious clubs and restaurants that have sprung up in the immediate vicinity make the Marina an ideal destination for strolling and sipping an aperitif at sunset.


The Port of Riccione: A New Gateway from the Sea and Towards the Sea
Even the port of Riccione was born as a landing place for fishing boats, but the town’s development as a tourist destination has given more and more identity to this meeting place, also thanks to the numerous clubs overlooking the harbor and its Nautical Club.
With the new Riccione seafront redevelopment work that was completed some time ago, the port has also taken on new vitality and new stimuli, so much so that a redevelopment project of the area is in the planning which involves the construction of what will be the port of access from the sea and towards the sea of the town of Riccione.


Portoverde Marina Resort di Misano: A Model of Sustainability, Innovation and Style Portoverde di Misano is a real gem among the tourist ports along the Rimini Riviera and it is no coincidence that it has in fact obtained the Blue Flag as a tourist landing place. The Marina is made up of two docks communicating with each other, and all around, there are little cafés and shops that are particularly lively in the summertime.
The latest novelty introduced here recently are the Houseboats, real floating apartments located inside the Portoverde dock area, equipped and furnished with the most refined finishing touches and equipped with every comfort: air conditioning, washing machine, dishwasher, fully equipped kitchen, flat screen TV, and outdoor hot tub to spend pleasant relaxing evenings.


Cattolica: Let the Queen speak!

The port of Cattolica is the place where the marine tradition joins a new type of modernity created around the port in a picturesque environment, surrounded by trendy shops and restaurants where you can enjoy excellent fish dishes.
One of the most beautiful moments to experience is sunset, when the fishing boats return to the port together with small clouds of seagulls, the sentinels and escorts of any vessel. The real added value of this dock is the presence of sailboats and motorboats, which can be easily booked for sea excurtions, which make it possible to reach the Gabicce promontory, the famous Vallugola bay, the small port in the San Bartolo Nature Park and to explore the surroundings of the Adriatic coast.