Piadina Experience - Museum of the piadina

The Piadina Experience is the first museum in the world devoted to the symbol of Romagna and… to the “sbuzzo” (talent), the creativity of the people of Romagna! It is an out-of-the-ordinary museum, suitable for people of all ages because it involves the visitor in a series of immersive, unique and memorable experiences.


An exciting journey that tickles the five senses! It starts from the origins of the piadina, i.e. from the Neolithic period, and winds its way through time all the way up to the present day.

Step by step, we discover how the evolution of this area goes hand in hand with the extraordinary success of the piadina, the "national bread of Romagna", as Giovanni Pascoli called it. A return to the kitchens where grandmothers and great-grandmothers, kneading flour and love, created that magic which unites people around the table. We discover glimpses of peasant life, from working in the fields to the moments in
which they gathered to dance and share the piadina with their loved ones. The transformation of Romagna is relived in the years of the tourism boom and the spread of the piadina all over the world.

In the Magic room, you put your hands on the wheat, a "glide" over Romagna looking at it with the dreamy eyes of Fellini and being enchanted by the alchemy that transforms the wheat and other ingredients into the piadina.

Finally, there is the discovery of how today, thanks to technology, it is possible to reproduce the movements of the skilled hands of our grandmothers: to conclude the visit in a 30-meter-long panoramic tunnel suspended over the system that kneads, rolls out, cooks and bags the piadinas.

For the first time ever, a company that produces the piadina opens the doors of its productive heart to the public!

The museum tour also includes a tasting of a stuffed piadina!

THE EXPERIENCES For those who want to learn how to make a Romagna piadina at home, "the Mani in Pasta Workshop or the Azdora Piadina Show" are organized after the tour (bookings must be made 48 hours in advance).

THE OSTERIA It offers typical dishes from the Romagna cuisine and creative dishes, as well as a wide choice of gourmet piadinas, with different dough and fillings, from the most traditional ones to the most original.

THE MEETING ROOMS  A cozy, original and memorable place for events. The two main rooms of the museum are modular with a central sound-absorbing wall: They can be joined into a large 250-square-meter plenary room without columns, equipped with a latest generation video projector, audio and video system, home automation to manage lighting and audio independently. Tables and chairs are available to
set up the rooms according to needs.

With a little extra cost, it is possible to add excellent catering from the Osteria, the Piadina Experience tour, piadina workshops and team-building activities to the meeting package.

THE PIADINA EXPERIENCE IS FOR EVERYONE The entire facility is accessible to disabled people and, upon request, we can adapt the tasting to different dietary needs (gluten-free, lactose-free, vegan or vegetarian diet).

WHERE A stone's throw from Cattolica motorway exit with ample parking facilities nearby (also for coaches).

WHEN Individual visits take place on Thursday and Friday mornings at 11:30 (booking required). For groups (minimum 15 people) or other requests, contact the museum.