Comune di Coriano

Abruzzo is a region of absurd beauty, and it is absurd that so few people know it well; thus it ends up being a marginal place despite being in the center of the country, a place in the shadows despite a bewitching light uniting the Adriatic with the most vertiginous mountains of the Apennines. It is in this context that Montepulciano red is produced, often a big, crooked wine, a wine full of matter, of everything, of curves and color, of fruit and passion. But it can be more pawing than indolent, more toned than soft, more fresh than heated, the best Montepulciano in Abruzzo.

A gravitational wine, Montepulciano, which, however, when it is good, makes you feel inside a sky full of sunshine. So many good producers here today make serious, healthy, clean, good wines; winemakers who choose to ethically manage the countryside and bottle flavor, energy, authenticity.

With the complicity of my friend Fausto Albanesi, a scrupulous winemaker and a keen connoisseur of Abruzzo, its lands, its customs, we will delve into Montepulciano as never before attempted.

At 7:45 p.m.: aperitif.
At 10:30 pm: a dish prepared by Cinzia and Fabio (Cantinetta della Corte).


8 to 11:30 pm: Talk and tasting.


Participation fee: 40 euros.

For information and reservations:

Francis 348.7418222

Events may be subject to change, always contact organizers before going to the venue.


­ starting from 40.00 €


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