Active vacation

Golf, horseback riding, trekking, rock climbing, free climbing, sailing, motoring, without forgetting all the sports that can be practiced on the beach! The Rimini area abounds in sports.


The places where sports can be practiced are enchanting for their pleasantness and comfort, beginning right with the sea, with wind and kite surfing, the sailing schools - with the possibility of renting, competing in Rimini, Cattolica, Riccione, Bellaria Igea Marina. In this land of riders and engines, the Misano World Circuit is one of the temples of two wheels where you can watch breathtaking races but also have fun first-hand with your own vehicle.


On the seashore, beach volleyball, beach basketball, beach soccer and beach tennis are among the most popular sports. But the real protagonist of games on the beach is the frisbee which every year during the Easter period on the occasion of the spectacular Paganello tournament attracts thousands of frisbee players from all over the world for the Beach Ultimate and Acrobatic Frisbee World Cup accompanied by music and shows.


The two valleys are also ideal places for horseback riding. In Valconca in the municipalities of Coriano, Mondaino and Montescudo, San Giovanni in Marignano there are several equestrian centers, from which many trails set out. In the Marecchia Valley the centers are in Santarcangelo, Torriana, Novafeltria and the paths connected with the Great Green Path which runs along the entire Emilia-Marche Apennine ridge are fascinating.
Starting out from the sea, it is possible to reach the Sasso Simone and Simoncello Nature Park, where there are no fewer than seven horse trails and accommodation facilities suitably equipped for sheltering horses and providing refreshment for riders.


The Marecchia valley is also a paradise for free climbing and sport
thanks to its rocky outcroppings, in Verucchio, San Leo, San Marino, Maiolo, Perticara, Pennabilli, which have created a vertical route called Valmarecchia, with a climbing school. This area has also become a point of reference for fly fishing and catch-and-release enthusiasts, offering pure waters, enchanting landscapes and a guarantee of abundant catches.


Recreational fishing is practiced in many lakes including those of the Fips of Poggio Berni, those of Igea Marina and in the equipped areas of Coriano and many other places.


As far as golf is concerned, there are two important 18-hole courses: the Rimini Verucchio Golf Club at Villa Verucchio and the Riviera Golf at San Giovanni in Marignano, flanked by prestigious facilities with a school, club house and services.


Moreover, there are some exciting opportunities for trekking with marked trails, both in the areas of greatest environmental value, such as in the Torriana and Montebello Wildlife Oasis, in the Onferno Nature Reserve where the Caves are located, in the Sasso Simoneand Simoncello Nature Park, and also among the hills and on the plains.

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