Where it is

This town in the high Marecchia Valley is located along the western side of Carpegna Mountain, which slopes down towards the Marecchia River, and is easy to get to from the Rimini coast.

Why visit it

This renowned environmental and cultural center of tourism, sung about by Tonino Guerra, is home to numerous beautiful places, as most of its territory is within the grounds of the Sasso Simone and Simoncello Natural Park; this is a great area for taking relaxing walks in the lush Apennines.

When to go and what to see

It owes its urban layout to the union of two castles; Billi on Rupe and Penna on Roccione. Of ancient origins, it was inhabited by the Umbrians, Etruscans and Romans and developed around 1000, with the addition of fortifications, defenses and religious buildings that created a delightful old town.

It was a feudal territory of the lords of Carpegna, before passing to the Malatesta family, of whom it claims to be the "hometown". After the fall of Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta, Federico da Montefeltro came to power.

Vestiges of the past and the monumental and artistic heritage of the town and nearby villages create a prestigious cultural itinerary, best enjoyed from spring to autumn when the weather is nice.

Further proof of this are the several museums like "A. Bergamaschi" Diocesan Museum of the Montefeltro, Mateureka Museum of Information Technology, the Museum of Sasso Simone and Simoncello Park, the World of Tonino Guerra and The Places of the Soul, dedicated to the poet whose unusual creations can be found in Pennabilli and nearby, and which create a bizarre yet evocative poetic itinerary.

Significant appointments

Every year, in July, the town's historic palazzi host the Mostra Mercato Nazionale d'Antiquariato (National Antiques Market), one of Italy's first and most qualified exhibitions. Also folkloristic and international in scope is the event Artisti in piazza - International Festival of Street Art, held in early June.


Information Offices

IAT Pennabilli

Piazza Garibaldi 1
Pennabilli (Rimini)
+ 39 0541 928659

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