In the Valconca – among fields and vineyards


Let’s go a try some typical Riminese products, such as pork and veal, cheese, wine, and of course the ever-present piadina. It goes without saying that the locations in the Malatesta & Montefeltro region have a lot of tasty dishes to offer, so let’s have a look at three ancient villages in the Valconca area to represent them all: San Giovanni in MarignanoMontefiore Conca and Mondaino.


1 Stop 

We are travelling from Cattolica towards the hinterland on the SP17. After a few kilometres, we arrive in San Giovanni in Marignano. The fertile soil here has always produced a vast amount of grain as well as extraordinary wines. It was therefore called the Granary of the Malatesta.  The village is a typical medieval structure with fortifications around the ancient houses.

Do not miss:

Festa delle Streghe (The Witches’ Festival) in June, with propitiatory traditions, magic and mystery stories about the witches celebrating harvest time.

On its territory there are numerous farms producing oil, wine where you can stop for your purchases and tastings.


2 Stop

Following the road for another few kilometres, you will see an impressive fortress overlooking the entire valley.  This is Montefiore Conca, the Malatestas’ important bulwark.  Inside the fortress, there is a majolica museum with items found during the recent reconstruction work.  The Sanctuary of the Madonna di Bonora is another sight not to be missed.

Do not miss:

Rocca di Luna, an initiative to celebrate the full moon in July with concerts, images, local markets, historical settings, food stands, music and shows in the enchanting village.

Here you will find small shops where you can buy the products of the land, or you can have a snack sitting at tables in the main square. Farms and agritourisms await you with their tasty proposals.

Chestnuts are also a main product of Montefiore, and every Sunday in October there is a dedicated festival. The first Sunday, also in October, is dedicated to healthy eating.


3 Stop 

Going south, you reach Mondaino. The town welcomes its visitors on an elegant semicircular square. The place is a living testimony of medieval Malatesta life.  Another interesting sight is the cultural heritage left in the former accordion factory of the Galanti brothers.

Do not miss:

Palio del Daino in August, a historical re-enactment the whole village participates in. It is a competition between the 4 quarters; all the craftsmen’s workshops are open as in former times, and you find a soldiers' camp, a lepers' hospital and the church.  
The Festa della sfossatura held on the day of Santa Bibiana (last Sunday in November or first Sunday in December). The festival is held when the cave-aged cheese is ready for consumption.


Here, at the Mulino della Porta di Sotto, you can buy the excellent cheese from this corner of Romagna all year round and listen to the fascinating tale of Fossa cheese. 

We recommend that your plan further itineraries to discover and explore other villages in the Valconca. A stay in an “agriturismo” is practically obligatory to complete and enhance your culinary tour and knowledge of the region.  Gemmano,  Montecolombo, MontegridolfoMorciano di RomagnaSaludecioSan Clemente.