Vivian Maier. The portrait and its double

Comune di Riccione

From April 20, Villa Mussolini's exhibition season continues with "Vivian Maier. The Portrait and its Double," the exhibition dedicated to the great American photographer who spent her entire life in total anonymity until 2007, when her extraordinary body of photographs, taken on the streets of New York and Chicago, came to light.

Her anonymous characters sometimes merge and overlap with her own reflected image, in an ongoing search for identity.

The exhibition, encompassed in 92 shots, discloses to the visitor the art of Vivian Maier, one of the most acclaimed representatives of street photography, and transports him or her into the world she portrayed in such an extraordinary and modern way.

The exhibition explores precisely Vivian Maier's theme of self-portraiture from her early work to the late 20th century.

It celebrates not only the talent of a great artist, but also invites the public to reflect on the beauty of the everyday and the art of capturing the ephemeral. A very useful audio guide is available to all visitors to accompany the exhibition tour.

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