Riccione Dama Balera. You are the star, you are love

Comune di Riccione

Riccione celebrates 70 years of "Romagna mia" with a midsummer night's dream in music: "Riccione Dama Balera. Tu sei la stella, tu sei l'amore" ("You are the star, you are love"), a sparkling evening dedicated to ballroom dancing and the typical features of Romagna staged on Wednesday 24 July 2024 in Piazzale Ceccarini.
The event is an original format created with the aim of enhancing ballroom dancing, a project aimed at the community and tourists promoted by the Municipality of Riccione in collaboration with GEAT Srl and Costa Hotels - Riccione. It will be a great celebration of typicality and folklore, a popular party in which Riccarda Casadei, Secondo's daughter, and Roberta Cappelletti, the highly acclaimed queen of ballroom dancing, will also take part, starring in the square together with the Vulva de Leyva.
The "Riccione Dama Balera" party will begin at 8.30 p.m. with the ritual of the piadina, the gold of Romagna: the original Romagna "azdore" of "Food in Tour" will stage a practical demonstration of the preparation of the piadina, a veritable poetic performance that will involve guests and tourists alike.
At 10.00 p.m., the opening of Vulva de Leyva, who have dedicated to traditional Romagna music and its imagery an artistic research defined by the author himself as "an experiment in meta-liscio". The party-event takes its title from an unpublished song by Vulva de Leyva, "Dama Balera", and continues with the eagerly awaited concert by Roberta Cappelletti, the iconic star of ballroom dancing, who will transform Piazzale Ceccarini into an open-air balera thanks to her extraordinary orchestra made up of Remo Casadei, Antonio Cucchi, Elio Tozzi, Gianni Valmori, Marcello Ziveri, Mauro Guidi and Nicolas Biondini.

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